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The image you project online goes beyond your graphics and your grammar. Visitors want to learn about the services you provide; but they also want to understand the philosophy with which you work and the manner you bring to your professional projects. Personality and tone help to communicate purpose; used properly, these tools can attract precisely the audience your business demands.

Please visit any of the websites below to get a sample of the different styles and voices I've created to suit my clients.


Ann Cuthbertson Architects

H & H Builders

invincible fuzzy thing

John Beich Tutoring

Local Insight Media



After reading Kathryn's writing for my website, I wanted to sign up for my own services. She used words that punctuated my message; she was able to take my raw ideas and weave them into the text without being blatant. I'm proud of the voice and tone that my website contains because it feels like an authentic representation of me.
—Greg Katz, Life Lift Coaching