May 2001

Isoflavones in Soy Validation Update

Sometimes delays have hidden blessings. At the time of INA's last E-newsletter, the isoflavone validation was weighed down by an inability to source several of the isoflavone reference standards. A couple of weeks ago, it came to our attention that Dr. Steven Klump of Ralston Purina was conducting a validation of an isoflavone method in preparation to submit to AOAC Official Methods program. This approach will leave only the 6 isoflavone glucosides and aglucones for analysis, thus simplifying the chromatography and eliminating the unstable forms of the isoflavones.

Because the laboratory portion of the AOAC study is complete, INA is unable to participate in the AOAC collaborative study. However, Dr. Klump is excited to work with INA to make the method quickly accessible to the nutraceutical industry. Therefore, INA's Jackie Rogers and PhytoLab are performing a quick partial validation on the method. Preliminary data looks excellent and we will publish the validation data within a few weeks for your review. Because the procedure has already gone through a full collaborative study, it will not be necessary to expend a large amount of money or time to investigate and validate the method.

INA Launches New Web Section

In order to improve our fundraising efforts, INA has launched a new section of the website designed to provide information more directly to potential sponsors. This Sponsorship section will contain general information and links to methods, our list of current sponsors, and a list of INA open seat members. In addition, visitors will be able to access new sections describing the benefits of sponsorship and providing quotes and contacts (sponsors, open-seat members, and corporate supporters) who are available to discuss the program with potential sponsors.

The sponsorship section will be linked to the website via the main menu, and, during our fundraising campaign, we will send a link to this section to select potential sponsors.

If you would like to help us by becoming a contact or distributing this page to colleagues and friends who you think might consider becoming sponsors, please e-mail Kathryn. She will send you the appropriate link. Then, you can write your own letter of introduction geared directly toward your audience.

Reference Materials Program Scaling Back

As authorized by ballot vote, INA is slowly scaling back on the reference materials program. Although purchase requests continue to come in every few days, the sales revenues do not provide sufficient financial support to continue periodic testing. Therefore we are liquidating inventory and charging only for materials whose certificate of analysis we are confident in. No new materials will be offered and the program will be taken offline within 90 days.

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Ballot Results Provide New Path for INA MVP

Sponsors' interest in non-botanical nutritional ingredients was evident in the ballot results prioritizing validations for the upcoming year. In descending order, the seven products receiving the most votes were: glucosamine (20), chondroiton sulfate (17), grape seed extract (15), CoQ10 (13), ephedra alkaloids (13),
alpha & beta carotene (12), and lutein (12).

Fortunately, NNFA Compli committees, headed by Jim Roza of Now Natural Foods, have already done much of the footwork for chondroiton sulfate and grape seed extract. In fact, a full proposed monograph for chondroiton sulfate was recently submitted to USP-NF. Nonetheless, widely varying approaches still remain in the analysis of these ingredients and consensus has not been reached. Mr. Roza believes that it is important for INA MVP to build upon Compli achievements by moving an agreed upon analytical approach into validation.

Quick Notes

INA is proud to announce our newest year four sponsor, NBTY. Welcome!

INA and AOAC are continuing to build a better relationship toward the common goal of uniformity and reduced overlap of efforts. We are very encouraged by the open dialogue that has been established.

The complete ballot results for the most recent method ballot were as follows:

Glucosamine 20
Chondroitin Sulfate 17
Grape Seed Extract 15
CoQ10 13
Ephedra 13
Lutein 12
Alpha & Beta Carotene 12
Docosahexaenoic Acid 9
Chitosan 9
Rodiola 8
Feverfew 8
L-Glutathione 7
Dong Quai 7
Horse Chestnut 7
SAMe 6
Astaxanthin 6
Pygium 5
Chamomile 5
French Maritime Pine Bark 2

Watch for a call for glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate methods in the next few days!