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Every child I’ve ever met is a poet—they observe their world with care; they question language’s flaws and eccentricities; they share the curiosity that is the foundation of any artist or scientist. My workshops are designed to emphasize that students already have the skills and tools to build images that contain power.

I share the work of poets like Emily Dickinson and William Carlos Williams to help students recognize that poems can be about everyday experiences and use comfortable vocabulary. I use writing exercises to awaken a sense of play in words, and to emphasize each student’s competence and potential mastery in writing. More than anything, I hope to model the real possibility of choosing a writing life—to light a spark in my students, or feed an existing flame.

My students come in all ages, from pre-kindergarten through adult. As a Think 360 Arts Residency Artist, I have been selected as a teaching artist at the Young Audiences Aesthetics Education Institute and for residencies across the state. I have also taught adult students through privately arranged individual and group sessions and through Lighthouse Writers Workshops, an independent, non-profit school for writers in Denver.

Other poetry residency sites have included Brown Elementary (4th grade), Cheyenne Mountain Elementary (grades K-6), Evergreen High School, Idaho Springs (grades 5-6), Idalia School (grades pre-K-12), the Ricks Center for Gifted Children (grades 4-8), Shelton Elementary (grades 4-6) and Telluride Elementary (2nd grade).

I've also served as a curriculum designer and program director, spearheading the funding and coordinating of poetry residencies, online classes and an online club for high school students across Colorado through the Online Poetry Project, the Friends of the Jefferson County Public Library and other programs.

Teachers, parents, schools, and students are welcome to contact me to learn about poetry residencies, one-on-one instruction, and upcoming classes and events.

Comments from Colorado High School students:

I thought that writing a poem would be hard, but when I started writing, the words just fit together perfectly...

It was awesome because the way Kathryn taught us to write poetry made it a lot easier. It seemed like the ideas were flowing all the time.

She opened my eyes to the beauty of poetry. Kathryn also gave me confidence when I write poems.

I liked it all; she inspired all of my class to be creative and poetic... I found it easier to write after she told us what to look for... she had a positive attitude and an open mind.