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“The shared syntax of the visual and the literary in this project produces a new brilliance.”

—Bin Ramke, Author of Matter

“The blending of Graham’s haunting & elegant visual style with Bass’s eloquent poetry results in a work of heightened meaning and resonance.”

—Shannon Daut, Programs Director, Western States Arts Federation

“Wallace Stevens said that ‘The world about us would be desolate except for the world within us.’ Graham and Bass in their collection, Within/Without, invite us into their world, a world that dazzles with light and the airy skeins of illumination.”

—Kathryn Winograd, author of Air Into Breath

“. . .[A]n evocative and sensual work of art. This is a book to be cherished and enjoyed, not once, but again and again.”

—David Cuomo, publisher of Colorado Modern

“[These pieces] are beautiful, a word that has sadly lost some of its luster in the art and poetry worlds the last few decades. Fruit life, animal pain, splashes of intricate color inside color, all come together in a startled synesthesia, color as sound, words as paint.”

—Brian Kiteley, Author of Still Life with Insects