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For one year, painter Kimberly MacArthur Graham and I engaged in a conversation about our experiences as artists and women. Each time we met, we shared tea and exchanged the new paintings and poems that were emerging out of this conversation. Kimberly painted panels that responded to my poetry, and I wrote poems that responded to her paintings. Centering on issues of loss, creativity, fertility, and feminism, the original pieces, framed in painting/poem pairs, became the subject of a two-month exhibition at the Western Colorado Center for the Arts in Grand Junction, Colorado. In order to best capture the many layers of intertwined meaning, we also created a book, Within/Without: A Conversation in Poetry and Painting.

“The blending of Graham’s haunting & elegant visual style with Bass’s eloquent poetry results in a work of heightened meaning and resonance.”

—Shannon Daut, Programs Director, Western States Arts Federation