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“Kathryn T. S. Bass’s The Mysteries is no ordinary collection of poems. In its quiet but revelatory world, everyday objects acquire a lyrical power. An old suitcase exhales decades of desire. A small kitchen cactus becomes a prickly totem of endurance. Luminous and illuminating, these poems connect the visible and invisible realms of experience.”

—Dana Gioia, award-winning poet and former Chairman of the National Endowment for the Arts

“As the crows evoked in this collection, Bass's poems 'Appraise the world with one eye, then the other.' Her measured cadences deliver energy and movement, sting and comfort, and a sustained tension between balance and spilling out. ”

—Chris Ransick, author of Asleep Beneath the Hill of Dreams and former Denver Poet Laureate

“Triggered by a vintage mystery series, Kathryn T. S. Bass's poems invite us back into the realm of childhood, not as we remember it, but as it felt to be there. Poem by poem, she cracks fresh mysteries open, and we're drawn deeper in, reawakening to the world as it is—confusing, complex, changeable, miraculous.”

—Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer, author of Holding Three Things at Once and Intimate Landscape

“Driven by a vulnerable and surprising voice, Kathryn T. S. Bass's poetry places the reader in the center of the human experience. The Mysteries lures us in with its beauty and offers us hope: 'tomorrow is a lake / that will shine for us, / an ocean that will rock us, / a river that will carry us / fast and full with rain.' ”

—Leah Maines, poet and author of the regional bestseller Looking to the East with Western Eyes