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“To the very end of his life, Henry David Thoreau encouraged his readers to rest their ‘faith in a seed.’ With these new poems, Kathryn T. S. Bass proliferates such faith into a garden world where even stones and bright metals burst into flower. Best of all, her faith has made a path for us to follow there.”

—Donald Revell, author of Pennyweight Windows: New & Selected Poems

"Kathryn T. S. Bass’ Bright Seeds is the garden of the mind, fragmentary and expansive, a free-fall world where what is named and what is unnamed equally blossom.”

—Kathryn Winograd, author of Air Into Breath

“Kathryn T. S. Bass’ garden of ‘bright seeds’ provides nourishment for soul and flesh with intense imagery that draws us back to the poems again and again. The ‘fragile hinge’ of words links the careful reader to a new way of imagining the world. Here is a voice to celebrate!”

— Catherine Wiley, author of Failing Better