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The 24 poems of Kathryn T. S. Bass' Bright Seeds guide the reader through a series of unlikely "gardens." Using sparse language and judicious white space, each poem seeks to create a small world—a contained, vivid environment that sparks the senses and the imagination. Through evocative imagery and precise musciality, poems such as "Garden of Demons," "Garden of Convalescence," "Garden of Algebra," and "Garden of Skirts" invite readers to enter and inhabit these imagined spaces. This collection was selected for the Finishing Line Press New Women’s Voices Series.

“Kathryn T. S. Bass’ garden of ‘bright seeds’ provides nourishment for soul and flesh with intense imagery that draws us back to the poems again and again. The ‘fragile hinge’ of words links the careful reader to a new way of imagining the world. Here is a voice to celebrate!”

— Catherine Wiley, author of Failing Better