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Names. Taglines. Slogans. These elements of identity need to say a great deal—in very few words. Fortunately, these are precisely the requirements of poetry; and, as a poet, I'm uniquely equipped to excel at—and love—this work.

I'll collaborate with you to understand your new business, service or product. Next, we'll uncover what we need to say to create the right impression on potential customers. Finally, I'll deliver a list of best options you can try on. With a range of wit, simplicity, tone and clarity, we'll find a choice that does as much work as possible for your brand.

I've supported identity projects in collaboration with Droy Advertising, McClain Finlon Advertising, Monigle Associates and Spark Studios; and I've created names, themes, taglines and slogans for businesses such as CUNA Mutual Group, Peak Properties, SC Johnson & Son, Inc, US Solutions and WhiteWave/Dean Foods.

I'd love to help you build or boost your brand, too.

"Kathryn Bass was able to do so much—and so fast. We loved what she did and appreciated the wide variety of options. We'll gladly use Kadroodle Consulting again!"
—Beth Savage Saiia
Senior Manger
Global Communication
SC Johnson & Son, Inc.